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As Writer:

Seven Days: A Fantasia on the Life of Miles Davis (Interview, January 2009)

Brown Alumni Interview (March, 2009)

Bloody Lies (Midtown International Theatre Production, summer 2007)

Bloody Lies Article (published in The Daily Iowan, by Anna Wiegenstein, October 26, 2006)

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Bloody Lies (published in Iowa City Press-Citizen Preview, by Deanna Truman-Cook, October 26, 2006)

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Sushi (Providence production, summer 2005)

DownloadDownload review from The Providence Journal, June 2005

As Director:

I Wouldn’t Mind Seeing That Again,” (part of REWIND), February 2011

Feedback Loop (Studio Roanoke production, Roanoke, VA, summer 2010)

Note: The Daily Iowan, the college newspaper at the University of Iowa, did a very good job of covering the theatre department while I was getting my MFA there.

Due to a glitch in their archives, several articles about my work are no longer online. However, I saved paper copies of many of the articles, and pdf scans of those will be forthcoming shortly: Thanks for the Memories (Nov 2007), all Iowa City coverage of This Is Your Life (Feb 2008), A History of Bad Ideas (May 2008), 7 Days (January 2009)

. Sadly, the following online-only items are now gone:

• A wonderful audio slideshow prepared for the February 2008 production of This Is Your Life,

• A video for Versailles, the David Schweitzer production and

• A trailer created by Robert Dopf for Eli Wilkinson’s Thanks for the Memories (I directed the world premiere of in October of 2007).

I hope the Daily Iowan fixes whatever issue they’re having with their archives so these items become accessible once more. I’ll keep readers posted on efforts to get this footage.